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Which Types of Services Do Digital Marketing Agencies Provide?

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Digital marketing services include activities that help promote a business digitally through various online marketing channels. While in the past it was possible to focus on a specific channel (eg SEO), today it is no longer so. To succeed in the competitive online space, you need to use all available marketing channels. To meet customer demand that continues to increase, the term digital marketing agency was born with a complete service offering. A full-service digital marketing company offers its clients a wide range of services, from SEO to paid campaign management to website development.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization comes first. SEO is the most popular digital marketing service and many digital marketing services start with SEO as their main offering.

This is because SEO is the most effective technique for bringing organic traffic to your website by ranking highly on Google and other search engines.

2. Manage Facebook ads

Another popular service offered by a Digital marketing agency is Facebook Ads Management. Facebook and Instagram are essential to a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

3. Social Media Marketing Services

Over the past decade, our interactions with clients have made us realize that digital marketing services involve social media marketing for them.

Social media channels offer ready-made communities and active audiences, making targeting and advertising very effective.

Some aspects of the social media marketing that are an important part of Digital marketing agency services are:

·         Create a calendar with content

·         Development of marketing strategies on social networks

·         Profile creation of users and people

Some of the typical results of the Facebook ad service are:

·         Paid campaign implementation on Facebook and Instagram

·         Create content and ads for your ads

·         Optimize productivity / reduce advertising costs

·         Monthly Report

·         Set up Shopping ads with a product feed

·         Run A/B tests to see what type of campaign, audience, and ad type works best

4. Google Ads Management

Google Ads is a platform that allows you to digitally advertise your business on Google. Digital marketing company that offers Google Ads services include:

·         Set up a campaign

·         Experiment with different ad formats

·         Monitor and optimize campaign effectiveness

·         Report campaign progress

·         Set up retargeting and shopping campaigns

·         Creation of target groups and user profiles

Google Ads offers different types of ads such as display, search, discovery, shopping, video, and apps. The digital marketing service’s experts will also advise you on the types of ads that are suitable for your business.

5. Content Marketing Services

At a time when people are constantly consuming content in one form or another, content marketing is a fundamental marketing strategy. The right content helps drive people to your website or app, which results in increased traffic and other relevant metrics.

The main areas covered by content marketing services are:

·         Content Strategy: Create a content marketing plan to meet your business’ content needs

·         Content Writing: Items such as blogs, articles, stories, e-books, and white papers

·         Content Distribution: Target appropriate platforms to promote your content

·         Knowledge of SEO-based content and keyword research skills

·         Campaign development for websites and social media channels

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